About Mike

You and I both know the school system, as presently constructed, needs major change...

My mission is to transform the k-12 education experience.

I taught in public, private and charter schools for 5 years helping 89% of my students to earn commended on the Texas state standardized test and helping more than 75% of my students earn 4s and 5s on AP (Advanced Placement) Tests. I won teaching and coaching awards and still found myself unable to help kids the way they should be. I knew there had to be another way.

Here is what I am doing about it:

Today, I work tirelessly to innovate school as a team leader at Alpha, an innovative, independent school that uses adaptive learning software in place of direct instruction.

Every student at Alpha performs in the top 10% of students their age on the MAP assessment. 99% of our students report that they love coming to school. Every student learns life skills, technical skills and transferable skills. We are changing the way kids do school.

I am helping through a specialization in developing great workshops with Alpha. All the time we save by using adaptive learning apps to replace direct instruction is spent in exciting and engaging workshops that create a special learning experience. Alpha students take workshops that teach real, practical life skills wrapped in a proxy you might not expect. You might see a kid learning public speaking and performance by putting on a magic show. You may see a student learning financial literacy by learning to flip junk on eBay.

I am an original co-founder of Guide, once a social e-learning app now a B2B SaaS platform.

I am working on the development of a school reinvention lab (21st Century Learning Lab) to ensure that every student in Austin, Texas can receive a phenomenal education. The team and I hope that this lab is a place where we can train educators to create new models of school and use new techniques to reach students.

I’m excited to be a larger part of the effort to transform education in a few ways:

1. I would love to speak at your school or university about the future of education, teaching with technology, culturally responsive education and careers.

2. I would love to help you train your high school or middle school faculty of teachers.

3️. I would love to review your edtech product or startup!

"There has to be a better way to educate and inspire kids. I'm determined to find it."

As an educator and edtech founder, my mission is to transform education. I don't want to disrupt, I'm not interested in deconstructing the system. I want to transform it.